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When can I travel to my second home in Italy?

Published: 20/05/2020 By The Abode Team

With Italy now lifting some restrictions under phase two of its lockdown, here's what second home owners need to know.

Italy has been on a strict nationwide lockdown since March 9th in an attempt to control the coronavirus outbreak. During this period, people in Italy have not been allowed to go to their second homes, or travel between regions or even towns within the country. On Monday, May 18th, the Italian government lifted some restrictions and allowed people to visit their second homes once again - within their own regions.
That said, there are still restrictions on travel to and within Italy, for the moment. These rules are set to be relaxed from June 3rd.

Right now, Italy is only allowing people to enter the country in emergencies or for urgent health or work-related reasons, or for repatriation. So if you're returning to your place of permanent residence in Italy, that's permitted. But travelling to Italy in order to visit a second home, or anywhere you're not ordinarily resident, is not allowed before June 3rd.

After that date, it should be possible to visit Italy for tourism or to stay at a second home - depending on where you're arriving from. Not everyone will be able to travel freely to Italy.  From June the 3rd Italy will drop the current 14-day quarantine requirement for people arriving from the following countries:

-  The 26 other members of the European Union

-  Schengen Area members Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland

-  The United Kingdom

-  Andorra, Monaco, San Marino and Vatican City

Tourists arriving from these countries will not face any restrictions upon entering Italy, though depending on their own country's rules they may be required to quarantine when they return home. Likewise, Italian residents can make a trip to any of these countries without being required to quarantine when they return to Italy.

You will face restrictions, however, if you're coming from one of the approved countries but have visited somewhere not on the list within 14 days of travelling to Italy - for example, if you fly from the US to Italy via Germany. Most of Italy's travel restrictions will be dropped from June 3rd, meaning that residents and visitors can also move freely throughout the country for any reason. Some regions, however, may keep their own quarantine rules in place. As every Italian region has its own local rules, it's advisable to check your region's website before you travel.

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