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Umbria is orange

Published: 10/11/2020 By The Abode Team

For two weeks beginning on Wednesday the 11th of November, Umbria will be categorised as being in zone orange as will the regions of Abruzzo, Basilicata, Liguria and Tuscany.

Here are the rules for orange zones -

Inhabitants may not move to other regions unless there are proven reasons for work, health or necessity. Moving outside one's own municipality is also prohibited except for the usual reasons; those being work, health or necessity (self-certification is required).

You can do sports as long as it is outdoors and within your own municipality - gyms, swimming pools and sports centres are closed.

The current curfew remains valid from 10pm to 5am as in all of Italy.

Bars, restaurants and pastry shops are all closed though they can sell take-away food until 10pm.

Shops are all open but closed non-food shops in shopping centres are closed at the weekend and on days preceding a national holiday. Chemists are open whether they are in shopping centres or not.